Finnish Stories

Savonlinna #1

Savonlinna, as well as Turku, is one of my five favorite Finnish cities, however, ironically, I visit both cities in a very episodic way. Savonlinna is a city with a rich history; it is considered one of the oldest settlements in Finland. Back in 1475, the Swedes, who had enough problems with the restless Russians in the east,...

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The Lord did not give to Finland fertile soil, but gave her a hardworking people. In the past, the Finns managed to transform the endless forests of Suomi into a thriving agricultural land. Every year in Finnish North Karelia, recreating in smallest details the process, which in scientific maner of speaking is called "slash and burn agriculture" (kaskenpoltto)....

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National park Kolovesi – Day 2

The second day met us with a nasty and cold rain - Saimaa once again showed its character, giving out a monthly norm of precipitation. The temperature dropped down and the whole world plunged into a viscous haze of fog, making dubious of the idea of ​​searching for Vierunvuori rock paintings. Cursing, I went to scoop the water...

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National park Kolovesi – Day 1

At the beginning of May I planned a trip to National Park Kolovesi, where Finnish scientists discovered Vierunvuori rock paintings, which are estimated to be from 4000 to 6000 years old. The majestic Saimaa met us with the sun and complete calm. Saimaa, by the way, is the largest lake in Finland and the fourth largest freshwater lake...

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Finnish Lapland

You can indefinitely write about the advantages of Finnish Lapland, but perhaps I will save your time and formulate everything extremely briefly - IT'S JUST SUPER !!! A sea of the purest white snow, sloping hills and incredible, persistently pursuing of tourists, fiery sunsets. Just for this it is worth visiting the north of Finland !!!

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Levi – Ski slopes

As an experienced boarder, I have traveled to the most of the big ski resorts in Finland, and therefore I have the right to a small, but extremely constructive criticism. Perhaps the only lack of the ski slopes in Levi is the small (by European standards) the length of the slopes - a maximum of 2.5 km. However,...

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