Looking for inspiration

Almost mid-March ... Finnish North Karelia ... minus 36 in the little town Lieksa - something is too cold and wrong in this sense. But it is true. And what we are doing when so cold? That's right, we freeze our cameras and batteries, reduce the life of our lenses and look for inspiration for another photo ...

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ClubHouse about Suomi

Within a few weeks ClubHouse became the most downloaded application in the Russian segment of the App Store. I decided to join this social media (thanks to Svetlana Levinskaia for invite) in order to bring the "light of knowledge" about Finland to a new audience:-) For a couple hours in the Clubhouse, i became a speaker and take...

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Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14th is celebrating in Finland as ... no, not as St.Valentine's Day - In Suomi it is a Friends' Day (Ystävänpäivä). I want to congratulate you and wish to find a true friendship in your life. Friendship have to be support in your life’s trials, a springboard in your new achievements and the basis for your well-being....

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Winter trails in National park Koli

Despite snowfalls and frost, the Finns do good trails in the national parks even in winter. So the path passes through the tops of the snow-capped hills, between snowy pines and spruce trees, at the same time presenting magnificent landscapes for travelers and a giving a wonderful mood.Greetings from the Finnish national park Koli 😊 Google Maps:

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Helsinki and snow

I don’t have associations between two words - “Helsinki” and “snow”, but today will be real snowfall in this part of Suomi. Be careful on the roads, my dear subscribers from the capital of Finland. 😊 Google Maps:

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Kampin kappeli

The Kamppi Chapel is a chapel in Kamppi, Helsinki, located on the Narinkka Square. It is also known as the "Chapel of Silence" since it is intended to be a place to calm down and have a moment of silence in one of the busiest areas in Finland. It was constructed as a part of the World Design...

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